Turn-Key Renewable Energy Solutions

Experience counts and at SunJet Energy we use our acumen to deploy end to end world class renewable energy solutions

SunJet Energy provides a personalized project development experience

SunJet Energy is rated as one of the top utility scale project development firms in Connecticut. Our diverse experience in all phases of solar project development, construction, and operation provides us with a broad perspective on all aspects of a project throughout its entire life cycle. As a renewable project developer, our in-house experience sets us apart. Our passion for customer satisfaction has been key to our success. With each new customer engagement, we are constantly focused on finding ways to exceed expectations at every turn. Each of our projects is a first. The outcome is a sincere and rewarding relationship with clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and the surrounding community.

Utility scale renewable project development is new to most folks; therefore, we encourage immediate engagement so that we can educate and showcase our innovative opportunities to potential clients which include land owners, commercial developers etc. Ultimately collaboration with SunJet Energy is key to your success!

Core sectors that financially benefit from renewable energy projects.


Commercial Developers


Asset Management


Builders & Architects